The Reason Behind Starting “Wirth It”


After years, of purchasing many unique products for family, friends, and myself, I've decided to share my findings with others.


Sometimes when I would be out and about using one of my unique findings, people would come up to me and say, “I need one! Where did you get it?”.  Well, guess what…now I can tell them, “I sell them!”.


Usually when I find a unique product, I research it to see who made it, their story behind their invention, and is the company and the product trustworthy. Even if it's for a fun gag gift or for no other reason than it’s just a neat idea, I try to make sure the product is of good quality.  By purchasing from Wirth It, you’ll be assured that our goal is the same for you as it would be for family, friends, and myself.


As the dynamics of my family and today's technology and innovations, continues to change, so does the variety of products that are appealing to me. I'm so excited to share with you, these selective findings, all in one place.  You'll find products that are practical for your daily life's needs, wants, and must have's.


Barbara Wirth Coudriet