• BONDIC - Liquid Plastic Welder

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    Bondic is a liquid plastic welder that can be used to bond, fill in, or even build plastic, metal, an wood parts. Repair everything from toys to eyeglasses to jewelry. It won’t harden until the supplied ultraviolet light is applied, allowing precise application. Strong and durable, bondic can even be layered to fill in 3D sections, and can be sanded.  Bondic can be painted, sanded, molded, milled, filed, and polished.   It's compact and easy to take anywhere.  The liquid plastic welder cures in seconds. It works great on plastic, metal, fiberglass, and wood.  This solvent-free liquid, is not a glue, but works where glue fails.  Only solidifies when exposed to UV light (LED light included).  Heat and water resistant.