• DOOHICKIES - No-Tie Shoelace Replacement for Kids - Variety of Colors to Choose From (10/Pack)

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    My View:  Hickies & DooHickies® are one of my favorite products.  I can slip my sneakers on and off so easily!   Also with Hickies & DooHickies®, my daughter can cheer & tumble with her shoes tightly secured on her feet and no strings to trip on.

    DOOHICKIES® is a no-tie shoelace replacement that transforms any shoe into a slip-on while adding a unique dash of style. They are a brand extension of HICKIES, but tailored for kids from 4 to 12 years old.  Fasten DOOHICKIES® once, then simply stretch to slide the shoe on and off.  Less time tying, more time having fun! 

     Product Details:

     HICKIES lacing system is made from a memory-fit performance elastomer.  This means the material expands and contracts in sync with every movement your foot makes.  Each strap works independently to deliver the best possible fit, whatever you’re doing.  DOOHICKIES® lacing system is stretchable to fit all sizes, with three lacing techniques to suit you and your sneakers best. Each pack of DOOHICKIES®, come with 10 pieces, enough for a standard pair of sneakers, enough for a pair of kids shoes.