• InRoad Toys - BROAD CURVES ONLY (2/pack) to be used with Tape Classic Road

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    Printed and designed to look like Curves on roads, Broad PlayTape Curve Classic Road 4”, is removable tape that is perfect for playing with toys and model cars. The Curves PlayTape is to be connected with Classic Road 4” to extend the imagination play experience.  It is a fast, fun way to lay down instant roads anywhere for creative play.


    • Made in USA: New York
    • Materials: Toxin-free, disposable, and recyclable self-adhesive paper tape Printed to look like a road, Broad PlayTape Curves Classic Road 4" is to be used with Classic Road 4" roll of removable tape that’s perfect for playing with die-cast toy and model cars.   
    • Use the toy cars you already have to drive on PlayTape.
    • Ideal for creating roads with curves for playing with toy cars or trains
    • Sticks to any flat surface
    • Paper tape is easy to tear and does not require scissors
    • Easily stored and transported
    • Repositionable
    • Easy to remove, leaves no residue
    • Care should be taken when using this product on varnished or finished surfaces
    • Best for ages 3+
    • Available in 2 sizes: 60ft x 2in roll or 30ft x 4in roll
    • Dimensions: 60-foot roll: 60'L x 2"W; 30-foot roll: 30'L x 4"W
    • Weight: Less than 1 lb.