• LAZY-HANDS® -Phone Grip 2 Loop

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    My View:  I talk with my hands.  LAZY-HANDS® lets me hold my cell phone and have my hands free, to talk without accidentally throwing my cell phone across the room.  I also play on my cell phone a little more than I should, LAZY-HANDS® has comfort to be able to hold it for longer periods of time.

    LAZY-HANDS® Phone Grip applies to your mobile device or its case. It helps to prevent hand cramps and dropping.  It's thumbs-free, ergonomic, comfortable and is a very secure hold.

    Fits Most size - fits most teenagers, women, and men. 

    XL size - fits extra-large hands.
    Products Details

    • Helps to prevent hand cramps and dropping.

    • Allows for grip-free use and comfort.

    • Thumbs-free, ergonomic, comfortable and very secure hold. 

    • Includes 1, 2-loop thumbs-free grip and 1 adhesive-backed loop sheet.  

    • Use with mobile phone devices

    • Installs in seconds.  (Will not adhere to silicone.)

    • Helps prevent dropping and fatigue

    • Removable and repositionable finger grips.

    • U.S. Patent No. 8,690,211.  Made in U.S.A