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    A disposable, sanitary, single use cardboard female urination device that allows women to discreetly and neatly stand up and pee. Each pack includes 5 P-Mates.

    Product Details

    •        Materials: Cardboard

    •        Each unit includes 5 P-Mate devices

    •        Allows females to stand to void (pee); which eliminates the need to squat

    •        Unfold to the "open funnel" position and snugly place between the legs to fit against

              the body and tilt downward

    •        Hygienic & Biodegradable

    •        Disposable—stores in zip lock bag for easy


    •        Folds to fit discreetly in a pocket

    •        Fits easily in your purse, pocket or glove 


    •        Great for travel, sports, camping, or festivals

    •        Cannot be flushed

    •        Made of recycled materials and finely waxed cardboard for stability, and to prevent it

             from absorbing water